Our early years proved that high standards bring repeat business. Customers kept ordering forms, then they asked for other products and services.

Our forms helped labs keep track of kits. Now we make kits and ship them nationwide.

As our kit production expanded, the forms became more sophisticated, using the latest tracking technology.


Three generations of passion for serving our clients and the community.

Since 1964, the GBF family has grown from fulfilling orders out of a garage to our current 230,000 square foot facility serving customers nationwide. Growth has been due to a dedication to quality, exceptional service, and a commitment to adapting to the needs of our customers. 

“Can you build a kit like this?”

Our answer was always yes, and we always delivered. Now we’re a full-service diagnostic kit supplier and distributor for many customers that have been with us since the beginning.

We can focus on customers because we don’t have outside stockholders.

We’re still privately held. We adapt quickly to meeting new customer needs. 

We don’t change for the sake of change. We change for the sake of our customers.

We are passionate about finding new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

They trust us to bring them better ideas, as we have done for decades. We’re constantly finding new ways to do things—making them more efficient and cost effective along the way. 

Our core values haven’t changed.

We couldn’t have done it if we hadn’t listened closely.

We not only listen to what our customers ask us to do—but keep our minds open to innovative solutions. This trait has led us to where we are today. 

Our attention to healthcare customers allows them to focus on patients.

We recognize how important healthcare is, with patient lives at stake. We’re proud to support the industry that plays such a vital role for so many.